New Jar Deposit Program Begins June 2019


Help us create a Zero-waste system

Bring back your jar and refill it over and over with yummy soup, or dry items from herbs or bulk bins.

Zero waste just got a little easier.

Allow us to introduce our New Jar Deposit Program!

Beginning in June, we will be offering several of our Deli items in 16 ounce and 8 ounce jars with the option to return them back to the Co-op.

What is a jar deposit?

You may already know that we carry cold deli items (like soups, dressings and salads) in reusable jars. Now, you can return that jar back to us. Reduce, reuse, rejoice!!

How does it work?

You will be charged a $1.00 deposit for each jar at the register. Once you have enjoyed your deli item, simply wash the jar and lid and return them to the Co-op in order to receive your $1.00 refund. 

This process also works for our self-serve hot soups. You’ll now find glass jars next to the soup area, already priced for the cost of the soup. The Jar Deposit will be automatically charged at the register.

Of course, we will properly sanitize and reuse these jars to keep the cycle going. You can also keep the jar if you so wish! This is an amazing way we can all chip in toward the goal of going zero waste. Hope you all find this helpful!

- Carol Radike, Sustainability Manager

Don't be scared of the tare

It's easy to buy in bulk and be more Zero Waste (but as little or as much as you like) at the Co-op!

Just bring your own reusable container (like one of those handy jars mentioned above), weight it on the scale here, and write the number down (that's the tare weight). Next, fill up your container, and write the bulk number down. Then check out! We have pens and stickers ready for you to use.

Hayley Cain