Introducing our New Look!

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Our little Co-op has been growing and evolving quickly over the past couple of years, and it’s time for a refresh of our look. Our new name really is just a simpler way to say who we’ve always been; SLO Food Co-op, your friendly neighborhood grocer.

Along with our simplified name we’ve updated our logo.  We would like to take a moment to recognize and thank our long time supporters, the folks who started our Co-op, and helped develop the retiring cornucopia logo. In a continually progressing digital age we needed to update to something more versatile.

As well as it has served us for years, it’s time for that smiling sun to set. Though not nearly as graphic heavy as the cornucopia logo, the new logo was designed with elements to pay homage to the old. Always remembering where we came from, we will be placing some of the signs with our old logo as pieces of artwork in the store. Though some things like this are changing, we remain your same friendly little co-op with big dreams. We are reinvesting in our focus and commitment to who we are and our values.


Continuing our quest to reduce waste from packaging, look for increased selection of reusable containers in the near term, and in the longer term major changes to make our Zero Waste Bulk Foods Department a major feature of our store.

Healthy Local Food

We have been steadily increasing our offerings in our Produce Department, and the team is close to rolling out a complete redesign of the whole department!


High quality, health conscious products cost more than their conventional counterparts at the supermarket, both to the Co-op and to you. Which makes it difficult for every income level, often those who need our nutritious food the most, to shop our store. With that in mind we are continuing to expand our Basic’s program, as adjusting our pricing to ensure we always have the best price in town.


This past July through September every time a customer brought in a reusable container your Co-op donated $1 to One Cool Earth’s Community Gardens in elementary schools around the county! One of many education focused programs and partnerships to come!



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