At SLO Food Co-op we emphasize organic products, many of them locally produced and grown. In addition we offer many items which are non-GMO and gluten-free.

As a smaller store, we realize that we don't have shelf space for all the products that larger stores do, so we make every effort to help you with special orders. Special orders are simple to do, and offer deeper discounts for all shoppers, though Co-op members will save even more.


Whole grains, flours, beans, granolas, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, local honey, maple syrup, fresh-ground nut butters, local olive oil, sugar and other sweeteners, chocolates, coffee, and more. Nearly all are organic, including a good selection of local choices. Bags are available or you are welcome to bring and fill your own clean containers.


Organic and natural meats (incl. lamb, wild boar, game sausages), marrow bones, duck fat, beef tallow, and pork lard, local-caught fish, pasteurized organic and raw organic dairy (milk, cream, kefir, butter, and cheese), a variety of organic and/or raw cheeses, local eggs, non-dairy beverages and dairy substitutes, hummus, sauces, frozen vegetables and meals, Kombucha (bottled and local on-tap), fruit juices, pre-made sandwiches, salads, and wraps.


Food and snacks including nut butters, fruit preserves, cooking oils, vinegars, canned goods, soups, broths, baking goods, sweeteners, ethnic foods, spices, seasonings, cereals, beverages, pet foods and supplies, protein bars, granola bars, jerky, greeting cards, bags (canvas, net bags, Chico bags, nut milk bags), sea vegetables, local canned tuna, pickled goodness, sprouting jars, starters (kombucha, kefir, yogurt, sourdough), rennet, pectin, boxed teas, coffee substitutes. We have many local, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, paleo, and BPA-free products. Household goods including green laundry and cleaning products, water bottles, lunch containers, Ball canning jars.paper products (TP, tissue, parchment, foil), compostable paper plates.


Over 300 culinary and medicinal herbs, as well as international and Fair Trade teas are sold in bulk. Nearly all are organic. Bags are available or you are welcome to bring and fill your own clean containers.


All fruits and vegetables at the Co-op are grown organically (pesticide free) and most are certified organic. Many are also locally grown.


Vitamins, supplements (including raw and whole food options), probiotics, herbs, cold and flu remedies, homeopathics, protein powders (including vegan, raw, sprouted choices), essential oils, dental, face, body, & hair care products (some sold in bulk), ear candles, and more. Many are organic, including a good selection of local choices.


Select beverages, including many craft and local offerings. Many libations are organic, including some biodynamic and SIP Certified wines. We also carry several gluten-free beers.