Become an Owner!

Becoming an Owner is easy! Download the Membership Application, print it out, and bring the completed form to a cashier at the store to process. That’s it! You will be issued an Ownership Card to easily pull your account up whenever you checkout, and will start recieving any Owner Communications you opt into on the form.

A common misconception is that becoming an Owner-Member is subscription based, similar to Costco, where a fee is charged annually and in exchange you can shop their low cost goods. At the Co-op there are no annual membership fees, and anyone can shop. To become an Owner there is a one-time-only cost of $300 for one share of stock in the business, which can be paid in full, or in installments of $25/year until fully paid. This is not a fee collected by the business, it is equity you’re investing in your Co-op, that is 100% refundable* should you choose to sell your share back to the organization.

*Refunds on Ownership Shares are at the discretion of the Board of Directors- Though they are nearly always approved, the Board of Directors reserves the right to deny Ownership Refunds if doing so would put the business at financial risk.