Our History -

In the mid-1970s a few community members got together to form a buying club to allow people to save money by buying their food in bulk. The first location was in a member's garage, and then later a building on Pismo Street, near South Higuera.

In 1979, the Questa Co-op moved into the building on Francis Street that was to be home for more than 30 years. Initially, the Co-op was open to members only but eventually all were welcome to shop, though any who volunteered were able to pay less for their purchases.

In 2013 the Co-op, renamed to SLO Natural Foods Co-op, moved around the corner to our current location on Victoria Avenue. While some miss the quirkiness and charm of the old location, our new store is much more spacious, allowing room for so many more products, as well as off-street parking for cars and bicycles.

In 2019, with the Co-op growing quickly, the Board of Directors brought on a new General Manager to help guide the organization towards it’s next incarnation and simplified it’s name to SLO Food Co-op.


Co-op History -

The New Pioneers animation was commissioned for the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and Co-operative Heritage Trust as part of the Co-operative outreach work ongoing in the North West. Huckleberry Films have created an animated journey through the history of 'The Rochdale Pioneers', one of the greatest stories of our time.